• Abdul Rahman Azzam 1945 - 1952

    He began his political career in London and headed the Egyptian Sphinx Society (founded by Egyptian students).

    During the First World War, he travelled to Turkey, worked as a journalist and participated in the Balkan War with the forces of the Ottoman Empire.

    He returned to Egypt in 1915 before travelling to Libya.

    He participated in the Libyan National Movement against the Italian occupation.

    He was the first advisor to the first Libyan Republic. He continued to struggle with the Libyan forces and to reconcile the Libyan leaders and fight against Italian and British occupation in Egypt until 1922.

    In 1923 he returned to Egypt and was elected to the first Egyptian Parliament in 1924 after the declaration of the Constitution.

    He was the youngest member of the council and was elected Secretary of the House of Representatives and re-elected until 1936.

    In 1936, he was appointed as a minister and an extraordinary representative of the Kingdom of Egypt.

    His commission included several Arab and Islamic countries, namely Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. In 1939, he was transferred to Turkey and Bulgaria.

    In 1939, he was appointed Minister of Awqaf and Minister of Social Affairs.

    In 1945 he was a member of the Egyptian delegation to draft the Charter of the League of Arab States.

    Upon the signing of the Charter by seven Arab countries on 22 March 1945, he was unanimously elected as the first Secretary-General of the League and remained in office until 1952.

    He adopted the issues of freedom and the independence of Indonesia, putting the matter before the Council of the League. The League of Arab States was the first international organisation to recognise Indonesia's independence.

    Following his tenure in the League of Arab States, he worked as an adviser to Saudi Arabia and its representative in the dispute concerning the Burmese oases.

    He worked in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as the governments of Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and the Vatican State.

    Abdul Rahman Azzam Pasha died on 2 June 1976 and was buried in the Azzam Mosque in Helwan.

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