• Mahmoud Riyad 1972 - 1979

    He joined the Staff of War College and obtained his degree in 1943 and returned to teach at the Military College.

    He was then appointed as Director of Military Intelligence in Gaza in August 1948.

    A member of the Egyptian delegation to the Rhodes negotiations in February 1949, which led to the signing of the Armistice Agreement between Egypt and Israel. Head of the Egyptian delegation to the Egyptian-Israeli Armistice Commission, 1949-1952.

    During the revolution, he was appointed Director of the Palestinian Administration and responsible for all aspects of the Palestinian cause in the General Command of the Armed Forces.

    Director of the Arab Department of Foreign Affairs in 1954. Ambassador to Egypt in Damascus in 1955.

    Participated with the Egyptian delegation in signing the unity with Syria in 1958.

    Advisor to the Political Affairs of President Gamal Abdel Nasser 1958-1962. Egypt's Permanent Representative to the United Nations 1962.

    Egypt's Permanent Representative to the United Nations 1962.

    Appointed Foreign Minister 1964-1972.

    Appointed adviser to the political affairs of President Anwar Al-Sadat 1972.

    Elected Secretary-General of the Arab League in June 1972 and resigned in March 1979.

    He wrote a book "Seeking Peace and Conflict in the Middle East."

    He died on 24 January 1992.

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